Welcome to Berlin

Welcome to Berlin - Berlin, Germany

Berlin is that rare gem of a Western European capital. Full of culture and attractions, it's also significantly underpopulated and financially broke. This means that restaurants, hotels and cafés are all much less expensive than they are in other Western European cities of Berlin's size and vitality.

Bargains exist against a backdrop of social diversity and countercultural buzz. Artists and politicians alike make Berlin home, and the influence of both groups on the city provides an unusual and attractive mixture of subcultures and types. Whether or not Berlin's bohemian vibe does you right, you'll enjoy the city's broad boulevards, monuments, museums and neighborhoods.

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  • Find a bed in Berlin: Most of Berlin’s beds (even the most budget among them) have style to spare. Read our reviews to find the art hotel or funky hostel that’s best for you.
  • Get out of town: Whether you’re in the mood for a lake escape or a wooded fairyland, there are some great day trips around Berlin.

  • Plan your trip: Our budget tips guide gives tips on everything from museum prices to free sights in Berlin.

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