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Admiral Hotel, Frankfurt

1Admiral Hotel

3 star star

Address Hölderlinstr. 25 (Ostend)

Situated on a quiet side street near the Frankfurt zoo, the Hotel Admiral is a competent, if unremarkable, budget hotel that combines a convenient location with residential tranquility.

7.3 Guest Rating

City Hotel Frankfurt, Frankfurt

Address Allerheiligenstr. 30 (Historical Center)

The City Hotel Frankfurt is remarkably quiet given its proximity to major streets and sights.

6.7 Guest Rating

City Hotel Mercator, Frankfurt

Address Mercatorstr. 38 (Nordend)

The three-star City Hotel Mercator is located just north of the city center and east of the Musterschule U-Bahn subway stop.

7.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Europa Life, Frankfurt

4Europa Life

3 star star

Address Baseler Str. 17 (Bahnhofsviertel)

Situated in the middle of Frankfurt’s action and steps away from the train station, the three-star Hotel Europa Life is a functional budget hotel with a competent staff and convenient location.

8.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Europa Style, Frankfurt

5Europa Style

4 star star

Address Baseler Str. 19 (Bahnhofsviertel)

The flashy Europa Style Hotel shares its convenient location and competent staff with EuroCheapo pick the Europa Life Hotel, but this hip sibling adds a few extra luxuries (and a few extra euros).

9.0 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Excelsior, Frankfurt


3 star star

Address Mannheimer Str. 7-9 (Bahnhofsviertel)

It would be easy for the Hotel Excelsior to rest on its unbeatable location facing the train station’s southern entrance, but the three-star property also throws in a friendly staff, terrific rates and various extras.

8.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Five Elements Hostel, Frankfurt

Address Moselstraße 40 (Bahnhofsviertel)

The Five Elements Hostel is a trendy, young-spirited place befitting its gritty urban environment. And its 188 beds can be some of the cheapest in the city.

8.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Frankfurt Hostel, Frankfurt

Address Kaiserstr. 74 (Bahnhofsviertel)

The Frankfurt Hostel offers clean rooms, unbeatable rates and a convenient location near the train station. It’s also a great place to forge new friendships with other travelers.

7.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Goldman 25hours, Frankfurt

9Goldman 25hours

4 star star

Address Hanauer Landstraße 127 (Ostend)

In every city we visit, there is always that one affordable gem that makes us wish we could just move in. In Frankfurt, that hotel was the four-star 25 Hours Goldman.

8.0 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Haus der Jugend, Frankfurt

Address Deutschherrnufer 12 (Sachsenhausen)

Situated on the river and flanked by grand museums, Frankfurt’s official Hostelling International hostel, Haus der Jugend (or DJH Hostel), is a 400-bed bohemoth that offers clean accommodations at low rates.

7.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hotel am Berg, Frankfurt

11Hotel am Berg

3 star star

Address Grethenweg 23 (Sachsenhausen)

Situated in an old world villa, the eccentric Hotel am Berg is a truly special establishment, where each room represents an era in the evolution of post-war German aesthetics.

8.3 Guest Rating

Hotel Aria, Frankfurt

12Hotel Aria

3 star star

Address Eckenheimer Landstr. 28 (Nordend)

The simple and homey Hotel Aria combines the convenience of a central location with the serenity of the well-to-do North End neighborhood.

7.3 Guest Rating

Hotel Continental, Frankfurt

13Hotel Continental

3 star star

Address Baselerstr. 56 (Bahnhofsviertel)

Situated at the juncture of several street car lines, the no-frills Hotel Continental is affordable and convenient, if not exactly quiet.

7.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hotel Cristall, Frankfurt

14Hotel Cristall

3 star star

Address Ottostrasse 3 (Bahnhofsviertel)

And, although it’s not the most memorable, the clean, convenient and reasonably-priced Hotel Cristall is a good solid pick, especially if you have an early train to catch.

8.3 Guest Rating

Hotel Rossija, Frankfurt

15Hotel Rossija

3 star star

Address Moselstr. 46-48 (Bahnhofsviertel)

The three-star Hotel Rossija is not the most charming hotel, but it does offer a warm place to rest and a solid included breakfast at good rates.

6.5 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Ibis Frankfurt Centrum, Frankfurt

Address Speicherstr. 4 (Bahnhofsviertel)

With its excellent location near the lush riverbank and reliable service, the two-star Ibis Frankfurt Centrum is a solid pick.

7.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Lloyed, Frankfurt


3 star star

Address Heidelberger Straße 3 (Bahnhofsviertel)

The three-star Lloyed benefits from a laid-back, multilingual staff and an excellent location in a residential area within a 10-minute walk of the train station.

7.9 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Mercure Hotel Kaiserhorf Frankfurt City Center, Frankfurt

Address Kaiserstrasse 62 (Bahnhofsviertel)

An outpost of the European Mercure hotel chain, the Mercure Hotel Kaiserhof (formerly the Quality Hotel Kaiserhof) offers 76 reasonably priced rooms within a few blocks of the train station in Frankfurt’s red light district.

7.6 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
National, Frankfurt


4 star star

Address Baselerstr. 50 (Bahnhofsviertel)

Situated kitty-corner to the train station, the four-star Hotel National is a standard business hotel with a touch of old-world elegance.

7.8 Guest Rating

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