Cheap hotels near Musée du Louvre in Paris, France

Undoubtedly the most celebrated museum in Paris, the Louvre is also the most visited art museum in the world, visited by more than eight million people a year.

The Louvre is located in the heart of the 1st arrondissement on the Right Bank, inside the former royal palaces that date back to the 12th century. When Louis XIV moved the royal family to Versailles in 1682, the former palace held the royal collection. It wasn’t until after the French Revolution, however, that the Louvre opened as a museum to the public, and its collection has grown enormously since then.

The museum is open every day of the week, except Tuesday. Find more information, including ticket prices, on the Louvre’s website.

Cheapo tip: The museum is free on the first Sunday of the month, although, unsurprisingly, it gets very busy. Come early or late--but avoid the mid-afternoon crush. Read our guide to visiting the Louvre for more information.

Hotels near the Louvre: Happily, there are several budget-friendly hotels in the neighborhood just north of the Louvre, around Châtelet, and a bit further east in the Marais.

Centre International BVJ Paris-Louvre, Paris

Address 20, Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

Located just two blocks from the Louvre, the BVJ is a no-nonsense youth hostel with a strict 18-35 age limit.



No online booking

Hotel de Rouen, Paris

Address 42 rue Croix des Petits Champs (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

The Hotel de Rouen is closed for renovations. (And you know what that means.)



No online booking

Hôtel Londres Saint Honoré, Paris

Address 13 rue Saint Roch (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

Clean, air conditioned rooms await you at the Londres Saint-Honoré, a small two-star located five-minutes from the Louvre.

7.5 Guest Rating




Hôtel Louvre Richelieu, Paris

Address 51 rue de Richelieu (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

The Hôtel Louvre Richelieu is a mixed bag, offering both cheap and basic rooms and swanky renovated rooms at higher rates.

7.0 Guest Rating




Hôtel Crayon by Elegancia, Paris

Address 25 Rue du Bouloi (Louvre / Châtelet (1st))

Located two blocks north of the Louvre, the two-star Hotel Crayon is a bright boutique hotel that offers renovated room, each with their own bright color scheme.

8.6 Guest Rating




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