The Barcelona Metro

Barcelona boasts an excellent metro system, with convenient lines, cheap fares (especially in quantity), and a simplified color-coded system that's easily understood. The "Guia d'Autobuses Urbans de Barcelona," a free map of the city's bus and Metro lines, is available at the tourist offices and at city Metro stations.

Stations and Metro lines

To locate stations from the street level, look for signs with a blue letter "M" inside a squat red diamond.

The Metro’s eight lines serve most of the city and are each designated by a number and a color. (L1, for example, is the red line.)


Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, FGC, are the commuter trains with service to Monserrat. Blue symbols made of two interlocking 'V's indicate connections with the Metro. It costs €2 per ride until the Tibidabo stop.

Hours of Operation

The Metro runs from 5 a.m. until midnight on weekdays (Monday through Thursday), Sundays and public holidays. On Fridays and Saturdays (and evenings before public holidays), it stops running at 2 a.m. instead of midnight.


Ticket windows and automatic vending machines sell Metro passes. Once you pass through the turnstiles, keep your ticket with you, as inspectors may ask to see it. Traveling without a ticket carries a sizeable fine.

A single ride on the Metro, bus FCG or tram costs €2 and includes one transfer to another transit method within 75 minutes.


Several passes, "los abonos," are a good idea for anyone planning to use public transportation often. All passes work interchangeably for the Metro, bus, urban lines of the FGC commuter trains and the Nitbus.

The T-10 pass is valid for 10 rides and can be used by multiple people. At €9.80, it’s a small savings over 10 full-price rides. The T-50 pass, however, represents a significant savings: €39.20 for 50 journeys within a 30-day period. It’s a good option for families or groups to purchase and share.

You can also purchase a daily or monthly travel passes. The T-Dia pass costs €7.25 and grants all-day travel, while the T-Mes (one month) and the T-Trisemestre (90 days) cost €52.75 and €142, respectively.

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