Expect to Spend: Barcelona

Expect to Spend: Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain

How much will you spend on hotels and meals in Barcelona?

Hotel Rates

Hotels in Barcelona are not the cheapest, but if you play your cards right, there are deals to be had. Basic hostals cost anywhere from €50 to €70 for a double, depending on location, renovation status, and whether or not the bathroom is shared. A three-star joint will run anywhere from €75 to €150 for a three-star joint.

Restaurant Prices

Restaurants in Barcelona range significantly in price. Most restaurants serve a menu del dia, which is a great value. It offers four courses, including a glass of wine and coffee at dessert. One place we found had an unbelievably delicious four-course lunch special for €8. Another restaurant we visited, slightly swankier, cost €20 per person for dinner, and an aperitif was included in the price! So expect to spend €7 to €20.

And then there are the tapas bars. Popping in and out of tapas bars is a fun and cheap way to spend an evening. Most are standing room only. Tapas can be very cheap, as little as €2 per tapa. If you don't want to stand, some tapas bars offer sit-down areas with more expensive menus.

Similarly, cafés and bars, scattered about town, offer cheaper prices on food consumed standing at the bar. Everything from coffee to beer is cheaper standing up. Grabbing a coffee or a beer at the bar is the perfect way to fuel up before hitting the town in a few momentitos.

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