Getting Around Nice

Getting Around Nice - Nice, France

In Nice, travel is a snap. Whether you're making your way from the train station to the beach, or from the airport to your hotel, we've got you covered. We also include bicycle, scooter and motorcycle rentals, and give you the skinny on ferries to Corsica.


Ligne d'Azur buses operate daily from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. Individual tickets cost €1 and a day pass runs €4. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the bus.

Note that tickets, regardless of ticket type, must be validated each time you board a bus.

Bikes and Scooters

Holiday Bikes, located opposite the Gare Nice-Ville train station at 35 avenue Auber, rents out bikes and scooters (and cars) for various increments. Their rental rates are reasonable, but hefty credit card deposits required for all modes of transportation may disuade some. For rates and more, visit their Web site.

Nicea Location Rent, around the corner from the Nice-Ville train station at 12 rue de Belgique, rents scooters, bikes, in-line skates and motorcycles. They offer a discount to students and for reservations made by mail. For more information, check out the Nicea site, which provides contact information and not much else.

Another option is Roller Station, located at 49 quai des Ètats Unis Vieux . They rent bikes, skates, and even sell those crazy croc shoes! A bike here will run you €5 for an hour, €10 for a half day, and €15 for a full day.


SNCM and Corsica Ferries are high-speed ferries traveling to Corsica. There are some great seasonal discounts available. Both ferry companies make about seven departures a day. High speed ferries take about two hours and 45 minutes to three hours and regular ferry rides last six to eight hours. Prices vary based on whether you opt for express or regular service.


It is somewhat ridiculous to think of cabbing it around this small town. All of Nice's worthwhile sights are within walking distance. In addition, Vieux Nice, full of locals and tourists alike during warm weather, is characterized by pedestrian-only streets.

By Foot

Just a quick note: Nice is a pretty easy place to see on foot. Consider opting for a walk rather than hopping on the bus, especially if you plan to hit the beach, or just visit a few museums.

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