Getting Into Venice

Getting Into Venice - Venice, Italy

Getting in from Venice's airport or train station is a snap. We'll lead you through your transit options here, which include bus, motoscafo, and water taxi.

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Vaporetti stand Venice

The vaporetti stand outside Venice's train station.

How to Get in from the Airport

All flights land at the mainland Aeroport Marco Polo, 7km (about 4 miles) north of the city. Flight information can be obtained by calling 041 260 9260. The main airport switchboard can be reached by calling 041 260 6111.

Airport bus

Two bus options are available to get you between the airport and central Venice. The ATVO airport shuttle bus travels to and from the Piazzale Roma, near the Santa Lucia train station. Buses leave from the airport every 30 minutes. The trip takes about 20 minutes and costs €6. For more information, visit the ATVO Web site.

The ACTV bus no. 5 is a local public bus. It costs €6 and takes 30 to 45 minutes. Buses depart every half hour. Tickets can be purchased at the newsstand inside the terminal from the bus stop.

With either bus option, you will have to walk from the final stop at Piazzale Roma to the nearby vaporetto (water bus) stop to make a final connection to your hotel.

Motoscafo boat to/from the airport

You can always arrive directly at Piazza San Marco in nautical style via the Cooperative San Marco/Alilaguna. For €15 you can get to town by sea courtesy of a large shuttle boat called the "motoscafo."

The hour-long boat journey between the airport and Piazza San Marco makes intermediate stops at Murano and the Lido a dozen times each day. Boats zoom to and fro from 6 a.m. until 12 a.m. If your hotel is not within a stone's throw of San Marco, make a vaporetto connection here. For more information, visit the Alilaguna Web site.

Water taxis to/from the airport

We can't in good Cheapo conscience recommend that you take a ride on one of the prohibitively expensive water taxis. This 20 to 30 minute option from the airport will set you back €90 for between one and six passengers and €105 for seven to 10 passengers. The taxi will go as close to your hotel as it can.

A land taxi from the airport to Piazzale Roma will run about €30 plus €.55 per piece of luggage. From there, you can pick up a local vaporetto.

For more information about Aeroport Marco Polo, check out the airport's official site.

How to Get in from the Main Train Station

The main train station is Stazione Santa Lucia. It's right in the center of Venice, in the northwestern part of the Carraregio neighborhood. Vaporetti line up right outside of the train station, right on the Grand Canal. The train station itself is a concrete wonder and the view outside the front doors, right on the Grand Canale, is breathtaking. Benvenuto!

From here, you can most likely walk to your hotel. Did we mention you need to get a map? Venice is a really confusing city, so be sure to arrive with map in hand or pick one up as soon as possible.

If your bags are too heavy or your hotel is quite a trek, catch a vaporetto. One of the various stops along the Grand Canal will most likely get you very near to your hotel.

Flying into Venice

Visit our Venice budget flights section for more information on low-cost airlines flying into and out of Venice.

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