Venice Day Trip: Trieste

Highlights: Cultural crossroads; great cafes; literary history
Duration: Eight to twelve hours
Exertion level: Low
Accessible by: Train

Trieste, Italy

Trieste seems a world away from Venice. Photo: Stewart Morris.


Trieste, nestled in the easternmost pocket of Italy across the top of the Adriatic, is a real cultural crossroads city. A thriving Austro-Hungarian Empire port city for over sixty years, Trieste continues to bear many of the hallmarks of an Austro-Hungarian city. Glorious neoclassical buildings, city squares, and a great café culture all contribute to this impression.

Today, Trieste retains both an Austro-Hungarian feel as well as Slovenian and German cultural influences. It's such a crossroads that following World War II, the area around Trieste was administered as a Free Territory for several years before it was divided between Italy and the former Yugoslavia (now Slovenia). During the late 19th century, Trieste was a favored stopping-off point for esteemed literary figures. This literary history intensifies Trieste's cosmopolitan heritage, extending it into the city's fascinating present.

To do

Though Trieste is a city best explored on foot and enjoyed for its atmospheric qualities, there are plenty of standard tourist attractions on offer as well.

Museo Revoltella (Web site in Italian only), housed in a fabulous 19th-century palace built by the Baron Pasquale Revoltella, has a fantastic contemporary art collection as well as the baron's original art collection. Admission to the Museo Revoltella ranges from €5 to €7.

For more information about Trieste, check out the city's municipal site (in Italian only) and the official Trieste Tourism Facebook page.

Getting there

To get to Trieste from Venice, take the train. The direct journey takes just over two hours. Be sure to check train schedules, as train journeys requiring connections will add up to an hour onto journey time. A one-way ticket costs between €10 and €20.

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