Venice Nightlife: Bars and Clubs

Venice Nightlife: Bars and Clubs - Venice, Italy

Venice may be known for its opera house and Vivaldi concerts, but it isn't celebrated for its nightlife. This can present problems for travelers looking, well, to do something at night. This problem also dogs single travelers in Venice, who may not find any special romantic epiphany wandering the canals alone after dinner.

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Venice bar

Hang out with the locals at night in Venice.

Alas, the canalled city does offer a range of nightlife options. Here's our quick guide:

1. Have a drink with the locals

Head to Campo Santa Margherita in Dursoduro to hang out with the locals in the small cafes, bars, and lounges lining the square. Don't be intimidated by the clusters of real Venetians. Grab a drink. Recommended:

Cafe Blue (Dorsoduro 3778), serves drinks and live music until 2 AM. The hopping bar is a favorite with locals and tourists alike, and is located next to the equally enticing Cafe Noir.

Il Caffe is also known as "Caffe Rosso" because of its red interior. The bar welcomes all ages, features live music, and is regarded as a Venice "classic." It is located at Dorsoduro 2963, on the Campo.

Orange, also on the Campo Santa Margherita, is a hip joint that pours cocktails to an eager, cosmo-crowd. Calling itself a restaurant and "champagne lounge," the bar features décor done up entirely in — you guessed it, orange!

2. Sip a cocktail in a schmancy lounge

Centrale Restaurant Lounge, located steps from San Marco square, is a swanky restaurant and lounge. Make no mistake: This place isn't cheap at all (dinner for two prix fixe, €150!), but you can lounge about and sip your cocktail slowly. The Centrale offers themed nights and a gay night. Open from 7 PM -2 AM at Piscina Frezzeria 1659/b.

3. Hit the club?

Dance clubs are not numerous in Venice proper. In fact, we couldn't find any that are open right now. Your best bet is to ask at your hotel if Casanova, the disco (and "internet point") located near the train station is still open!

Or you could act like a local and head to Maestre, Venice's neighboring mainland city, where several clubs rage until dawn. Buses and trains run through the night from the Venice's termini station. Here's a partial list of clubs in Mestre.

During the summer months, clubbers head to Jesolo, a nearby resort town, to dance 'til dawn on the beach and in the discos. More Jesolo information.

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