Expect to Spend: Athens

Expect to Spend: Athens - Athens, Greece

Gone are the days when Greece was a major bargain destination. Today, Athens is actually a fairly expensive city by European standards. But don't fret, Cheapos! This is where we come in!

Hotel Rates

Our rate limit for a double room is €100 per night, though you'll find plenty of hotels in our Athens listings with nightly rates far below €100. (We also included one or two splurgeworthy places with rates over €100 per night, by the way!) One interesting feature of Athens hotels is the extended stay discount, which many hotel proprietors offer as a way of encouraging visitors to spend more than a night or two in the city.

Restaurant Prices

Happily, Athens has plenty of stalls and cafes selling delicious inexpensive fare. You can expect to pay no more than €4 for a coffee and pastry for breakfast, €5 for a lunch snack, and €20 for a nice, if reasonable, dinner. Small cafeterias and stand-up gyros places will fill you up for well under €10.

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