Athens Introduction

Athens Introduction - Athens, Greece

Ahh, Athens, you authentically ancient metropolis. Sure, news out of Greece has been relatively bleak lately, but that should not deter you from Athens. After all, a city that's existed for more than 4,000 years can surely survive some economic woes, right? You can forget all those stories you've heard of grubby, polluted Athens; today, the city's air is pleasant and clean, and growing more so thanks to a vastly improved public transportation system and a commitment to climate change.

Add a dynamic nightlife and a surge in immigrants that has altered the face of the city (and seriously diversified the retail and restaurant scene) and you have a city that's as vibrant as it is enchanting. And then of course there's what most people come to Athens to see: the ancient city, with its collection of awe-inspiring structures, many of which are now linked by a large pedestrian zone. The Acropolis is beyond stunning. The sight of the Parthenon lit up against the night sky can render even the most jaded traveler a bit choked up.

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