Five Restaurants and Experiences

Five Restaurants and Experiences - Athens, Greece

Five Things to Eat in Thessaloniki

Trigona. The suburb of Panorama is known for its amazing and famous trigona (cream-stuffed triangles of phyllo dough drenched in honey). If you can't make it to Panorama ask for trigona panoramatos at any bakery.

Bougatsa. Bougatsa (phyllo pastries) are filled with either sweet cream or savory cheese.

Mezedes. These appetizers, generally served with Ouzo, can be found in various tavernas. Think fried tomato balls, sausages, and an array of fish dishes.

Frappes. Enjoy a frappe or an Ellinikos (Greek) coffee by the waterfront.

Pavlou Mela Bar Scene. The bar scene on Pavlou Mela Street, with a range of bars catering to a range of crowds, is a social highlight.

Five Things to Experience or Buy in Thessaloniki

Attend a Performance. A ticket stub from an awe-inspiring art exhibit, titillating theatrical show, or dazzling dance performance will serve as a reminder of the sizzling cultural scene. For a good overview of upcoming events, check out the Saloniki Web site.

Mmmm, Treats. Make sure you nosh on a few scrumptious anomali karameles (almond and caramel covered in chocolate) or luscious kariokakia (walnuts in chocolate), conveniently wrapped in aluminum foil, from one of the beautiful bakeries.

Retail Bliss. Have your own Pretty Woman experience (no, not working as a prostitute, silly!) by being pampered and catered to by any number of Tsimiski Street's retail mavens.

A Cookbook. Buy a regional cookbook from exceptional Thessaloniki-based bookstore Ianos.

Revitalize! Residents of Thessaloniki appear to be so balanced. Relax into the local scene and catch the local vibe. You may just find yourself departing with a sense of newfound vitality.

EuroCheapo's Mini-Guide to Thessaloniki

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Five Cheap Hotels in Thessaloniki

Five Restaurants and Activities

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Of course, Greece has been a tricky place to visit of late, with many tourists staying at bay because of the country’s financial and political challenges. However, true budget travelers haven’t been so easily dissuaded from visiting. Indeed, in many ways the country has become more interesting and affordable to visit.

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