Expect to Spend: Krakow

Expect to Spend: Krakow - Krakow, Poland

Krakow is well-developed for tourists, and this means that there are plenty of good deals.

Hotel Rates

Our maximum nightly hotel rate limit for a Krakow double room is PLN400 per night, though the vast majority of hotels we feature in Krakow are priced well below this. Our least expensive double in Krakow costs just PLN55 per night.

Restaurant Prices

Happily, Krakow has plenty of cafés, little restaurants, and milk bars selling hearty, inexpensive fare. You can expect to find a nice café snack for as little as PLN5. Lunch can be obtained for PLN10, and for even less at a milk bar. PLN30 will get you a quite nice (and filling!) dinner.

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