Krakow Hotel Overview

Krakow Hotel Overview - Krakow, Poland

Few cities in Europe are as visitor-friendly as Krakow. Low nightly rates, clean hotels, friendly staff, huge breakfast buffets and complimentary perks are all par for the course here. By way of illustration, it's not at all unusual to have free Wi-Fi or cable-routed high-speed Internet access in rooms. Free Internet stations in lobbies are also common.

There's a great deal of competition for tourists in Krakow, and hotel rates and amenities reflect this.

To be sure, a few hotels in Krakow are a bit worse for wear. Near Rynek Główny (Central Square), there are a few hotels that would unequivocally benefit from a renovation. But for the most part, hotels are either very new or extremely well maintained.

For PLN300, you can have a room at all but the most expensive of our listings. The least expensive room we review is as inexpensive as PLN55 during low season. Talk about Cheapo-friendly!

Another reality of the tourist environment is the fact that hotel staffs in Krakow, almost without exception, tend to be extremely helpful.

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