Reviewing Krakow

Reviewing Krakow - Krakow, Poland

Ever wonder what goes on in the head of a EuroCheapo Editor during a research trip? Wonder no longer. EuroCheapo Features Editor Alex Robertson Textor performs a Q and A on himself here. Learn about his favorite Krakow hotels, his appreciation for Ukrainian cuisine and what he loved most about his time in Krakow.

1. Favorite hotels.

In Krakow, it can be difficult to choose between cheap hotels. The city is very well set up for budget travelers, and boasts a huge reservoir of high quality, affordable hotels.

In my review, I describe City Hostel's aesthetic as one that befits a super glamorous monastery, and I can't think of a better way to describe it. If you like your style in an ascetic register, you'll find City Hostel rewarding. The hip little reception lounge is an additional plus.

Pensjonat Trecius is a tiny pension along one of the quaintest little streets in Krakow's Stare Miasto. Trecius's gorgeous old building and cozy reception area (filled with antique reproductions) seal the deal.

Hotel Amber is more expensive than most of our Krakow listings, though it's certainly worth a (modest) splurge. A mostly modern aesthetic is very nicely done, and the hotel's details are gorgeous. I was particularly taken with the embroidered duvets and pillowcases. Location, to the west of Stare Miasto, is quiet yet close to the action.

Goodbye Lenin is that rare beast: a concept-driven hostel that delivers a focused aesthetic experience. In the case of Goodbye Lenin, the aesthetic is a vanquished pre-1989 Polish Communist one. It's handled in a kitsch yet appealing way, with plenty of artifacts strewn about.

2. Favorite thing about working in Krakow.

Without question, it was a joy to visit hotels for EuroCheapo in Krakow. The friendliness of hotel proprietors in Krakow is quite remarkable. It's refreshing to be in a city where hotel owners so fully stand behind their hotels. The result is a stable of good, accessible, and budget-friendly accommodation options. I had an especially aggressive schedule in Krakow and was relieved that reviewing hotels turned out to be so easy.

3. What surprised you about Krakow?

I have to say, not much! If anything, the charm of the place was even more overwhelming than I imagined it would be. The sheer volume of tourists took me aback a bit, although I was pleased that despite the tourist masses, Krakow has a lived-in—not a theme park—feel.

4. Funny story.

I like to take photos of signage when I travel, in particular unfamiliar street signs and corporate logos. I found the Żabka convenience store chain frog icon (see above) interesting, and snapped lots of photos of it. As I was doing so, a local looked at me quizzically and then gave me wide berth, walking around me as if I were a lunatic.

5. Favorite local food.

Anyone who's read any of my city overviews knows that I love filling—some would say heavy—food. The culinary offerings in Krakow were really right up my alley. I was especially taken by the menu at Smak Ukraiński, a Ukrainian restaurant.

6. Highlight of visit.

The highlight of my visit to Krakow was definitely my work. Visiting hotels here was a real pleasure.

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