Getting Into Krakow

Getting Into Krakow - Krakow, Poland

Krakow is an easy city to navigate. How easy? We'll show you right here, in our overview of arrival by air, train, and bus. We'll tell you why the streetcar-like train is the better, if slightly more expensive, way to get in from the airport, among other things. Read up!


Air traffic into Krakow arrives at Krakow-Balice Airport, which sits 11km (under 7 miles) west of Krakow.

There are a few ways to get from the airport into the city.


The least expensive mode of transportation into the city is by bus. Three bus lines (292 and 208) shuttle travelers between the airport and central Krakow. Bus line 292 takes about 35 minutes into the center city; bus line 208 takes about 40 minutes. Both buses cost PLN 3.00 (PLN1.50 reduced rate) for a single journey (PLN3.50/PLN1.75 if purchased from the the driver).Happily, the bus station is located right next to the train station.


The more charming, and only slightly more expensive option, is the train link. There is a train link between Krakow-Balice and Krakow's main train station. Service runs from the airport to the main train station from from 5:24 a.m. until 11:24 p.m. In the opposite direction, trains run from 5 a.m. until 10:50 p.m.

Board a bus at the airport for a very short journey to the train station. The train, which looks like a streetcar, costs PLN7 (PLN8 on the train) for a single journey, and lasts about 15 minutes. Note that the Krakow-Balice train station is located a few minutes walking journey from the airport's passenger terminal.

All trains arrive into Krakow Głóny Train Station, which is conveniently located at the edge of the Old Town. The platforms stretch well beyond the station, though, so be prepared for a tiny hike on arrival or departure.


Taxis between central Krakow and the airport cost around PLN50. A taxi journey should take approximately 20 minutes.

Flying into Krakow

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