Getting Around Krakow

Getting Around Krakow - Krakow, Poland

Krakow is easy to navigate by foot, but if you get tired of walking, the tram system and taxi service are there to fill in the holes. No matter which way you go, you'll find trekking through Krakow is a breeze.

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Public transportation in Krakow is inexpensive. Trams and buses operate on the same ticket system.

Tram and bus tickets cost PLN2.50 for single journey without transfers (PLN3 if purchased from the driver). This single journey ticket does not extend to large luggage. PLN3.10 (or PLN3.60 if purchased from the driver) provides for an hour of transportation (including transfers) and covers luggage. The fare for night buses is PLN2.50.

Visitors might want to invest in a day or multi-day transportation ticket. A 24-hour transportation ticket costs PLN10.40, while a 48-hour ticket costs PLN18.80 and a 72-hour ticket costs PLN25.

The areas of Krakow that hold the most interest for tourists are all quite close to one another. Because of this, many visitors will never need to board public transportation. Krakow is also very easy to navigate.


Taxis in Krakow are inexpensive and generally reliable. Note that calling ahead for a taxi is generally cheaper than hailing one on the street.

Taxi meters start at PLN5, with an additional charge of PLN2 to PLN3 per kilometer. Be sure that the taxi meter is turned on when you enter the taxi.

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