Getting Around Paris

Getting Around Paris - Paris, France

Paris is one of the easiest cities to get around in Europe. The Metro, trains, buses and tramways are all a part of RATP (the Paris public transportation authority), which means universal ticket prices and overall ease of travel. Yet another reason to love Paris.

Metro Chatelet entrance Paris

Paris Metro System

The city's Metro system is cheap, convenient and an attraction unto itself. Read our guide to Metro stations, tickets, hours of operation and more.

Paris Bus System

Paris' city buses go everywhere the Metro does (and more!), but with a view. Sure, they're not as fast, but they offer a unique transit experience.

Taxis in Paris

Taxis can be convenient, but they can also be a hassle. Regardless, they're almost always expensive. Still interested? Read on!

Velib' Bike Share Program

We're huge fans of the city's Velib' bike-share program, which put thousands of (almost) free bikes on the streets for locals and tourists alike.

Trams in Paris

Paris' three tram lines zip passengers between the city and suburbs. Ready to ride?

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