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Paris' narrow, crowded streets are difficult to navigate by car.

The only reason to have a rental car anywhere near Paris is to blast out of town for other parts of France or Europe. (If you are driving into Paris, park in a parking garage and leave the rental car there until you leave the city. There are about 10 parking garages in each arrondissement, and every single parking garage is expensive.)

Driving from place to place as a tourist in Paris is an expensive pain in the neck. Parisian streets are narrow, parking is next to impossible and the whole endeavor requires a co-pilot because there's next to no time to think while stopped at intersections.

For cheap rental cars in France and Paris, we recommend Auto Europe. EuroCheapo has partnered with Auto Europe to offer the cheapest rental car prices in France and throughout Europe.

A good rate for a three-day economy car rental in Paris is $212. To check rates for a specific date in Paris, click here.

Most car rental agencies only require a valid driver license and one year of driving experience. The minimum age to rent a car in France is 21. However, many agencies will not rent to anyone under 23. Renters under 25 often pay a surcharge.

To get the best price, reserve your rental "voiture" before leaving home. Ask for an all-inclusive rate that includes full insurance and unlimited kilometers. The cheapest rental cars will have neither air conditioning nor windows that roll down automatically.

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