Taxis in Paris

Taking a taxi in Paris is, frankly, a bit of an inconvenience. Unlike other major cities in Europe, Paris does not allow would-be passengers to simply hail a cab from the street if the taxi in question is anywhere near an official stand.

Still, sometimes a taxi makes sense—you're overloaded with bags, not physically up for the Metro, or simply not in the mood. Read on!

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Taxi Paris

To find a taxi in Paris, look for this rooftop sign. Photo: ganzo.

Taxi stands

In order to take a taxi, you'll have to either head to the nearest taxi stand (located near most major Metro stops and squares) or call one.

During the day, taxi drivers wait to greet visitors outside of train stations and airports. At night, however, taxi lines can be really long and slow moving. You can expect to wait up to an hour for a taxi, especially after the Metro closes on Friday and Saturday nights. Taxis often wait outside of popular nightclubs and restaurants after dark.

You can always call a taxi to pick you up, but know that the meter will start to run the moment the taxi starts heading your way.

Taxi charges

For one to three people, the initial charge within Paris city limits is €2.20. Within Paris, the rate per kilometer is between €.86 and €1.35 depending on the day and time of the journey, with Sundays and daytime being the cheapest fares. A minimum journey charge is €5.60

Extra fees are charged at train station taxi ramps. There is also an extra fee charged at the airport terminals if you are coming with extra luggage. Drivers charge extra for a fourth passenger.


Drivers expect tips. Typically, tip about €1 for a trip under €15. For longer trips, a 5% to 10% tip is appropriate.

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