Paris Day Trips

Paris Day Trips - Paris, France

Paris is one of our favorite cities. And, if our poll of EuroCheapo visitors can be trusted, it's hands down your favorite city as well. While Paris can fill up a week, a month or even a year with its distinctive sights and experiences, there's much to be seen outside of the city limits as well.

We've come up with three day trip destination suggestions here: Monet's Giverny idyll; the cathedral town of Chartres; and the palace and gardens of Versailles.

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Many day trip destinations around Paris can be reached by train.

Monet's Escape: Giverny

Take a day off from the bustle of the city for a peaceful respite at Giverny, the small town that was home to impressionist painter Claude Monet and the gardens that inspired his work.

Cathedral City: Chartres

The city of Chartres, renowned for its stunning Gothic cathedral, is a short train ride away from Paris, and provides plenty of medieval charm for an interesting and educational day trip.

Royal Respite: Versailles

The massive and magnificent Versailles estate provides much more to see than just its famed château; take a day to explore the palace and gardens, once the stomping grounds of the French royal family.

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