Paris City Guide Introduction

Paris City Guide Introduction - Paris, France

Forget all the gauche rumors you've heard. Paris is the most exquisite, the most iconic and very possibly the most beautiful city in the world.

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Paris Marais Carrousel

Paris' unique charm has intrigued and entertained visitors for centuries.

Who can resist the miles of treasures inside the Louvre? The chic, winding streets of boutiques? The treasures of Paris are relentless: the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, the gargoyles of Notre Dame, the quaint cafés of Ile St-Louis and the Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens are only the most obvious.

You need further inducements to visit? The cosmopolitan buzz, the Beaujolais Nouveau season, the irrepressible moods, the varied and meticulous boutiques should all entice you. The question isn't why to go to Paris, mon ami, the question is when to go. Pack your Gaultier knock-offs, consult our hotel reviews and get on it.

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Hotel reviews: Read our reviews of more than 100 budget hotels in Paris inspected and reviewed by our editors.

Need help with hotels? Want a little help with the hotel hunt? Here are 20 things to consider when choosing your hotel in Paris.

Budget tips: We'll tell you about museum passes, transportation discounts, and other ways to keep it cheap in Paris.

More help: That's just the beginning. Here's a list of many more articles that will help you keep things affordable.

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Popular hotels in Paris

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7.6 out of 10
Hotel Marignan, Paris

Doubles from $77

7.3 out of 10
Résidence du Palais, Paris

Doubles from $132

7.0 out of 10
Hotel de la Tour Eiffel, Paris

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