Getting Around London

Getting Around London - London, United Kingdom

London has an efficient, though in some instances old and creaky, public transportation system. The Tube and the bus network blanket the city. And for a city that's so expensive, getting around can be very affordable. Click through to the following pages to find out how best to explore London.

Piccadilly Circus London

London's Piccadilly Circus is a major transportation hub. Photo: Averain.

The Oyster Card

The Oyster card, a travel "credit card," is a money-saving must-have for anyone that plans on using public transit in London. Click through to find out how to use this essential travel tool.

The Underground

The London Underground, called "The Tube" by locals, is the fastest and cheapest way to get around London. Read our guide for information on fares, closing times and how to use the system.

London City Buses

While not quite the same efficient experience as the Underground, London’s bus system is cheap and easy to use. Click through for the details.

Taxis in London

Taxis aren’t quite worth the cost if you’re rolling solo, but they may be an affordable option for groups. Find out the details here.

Walking and Biking

True, London is a big place. But that doesn’t mean you have to use public transit to go everywhere. Read our guide to find out how to take on the city on by foot and pedal.

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