City Buses: Getting around London

London's bus system, although slower than the Tube, is just as easy and less expensive. If you like the thought of being able to see the London scenery pass you by while you get from point to point, buses may be the way to go.

City Bus London

Though most of London's buses are new, sleeker models, some routes still feature the famous Routemaster model. Photo: Yves Doutreligne.


Taking a bus is one of the cheapest ways to move about London, with fares costing just £2.40 per ride.

With the Oyster Card, it’s even cheaper, as a single ride costs just £1.40 and there is a £4.40 daily cap. 7-day passes can be purchased for £19.60.

Where to buy

Though you can buy tickets with cash on board most buses, some services in central London require you to have a ticket before you get on. You can determine this by the signage at the bus stop. If your bus number is displayed with a yellow background, you need to buy a ticket from the machine at the bus stop before boarding.

Night buses

After midnight, night buses (prefixed with the letter "N" in front of the route number) prowl the streets. Night buses run limited routes, so do the necessary advance research. Night buses are also usually something of a madcap adventure, especially on weekends when they fill with late-night partiers hitting clubs or ready to hit the sack.

Additional information

To learn more about city buses, check out the Transport for London website. For more on getting around London, browse through the following articles.

For more information, read our previous post about London buses, and why we love them!

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