London Day Trips

London Day Trips - London, United Kingdom

London's the tops, a city full of tradition and innovation that leaves us breathless. But even hardcore London lovers crave a little rural English action every now and then. We've come up with three day trips for visitors to London: seaside Brighton; university town Oxford; and Arundel, a cute West Sussex town crowned by a 700 year old castle.

London Train Station

Hop aboard a train at one of London's major stations for an easy day trip away from the bustle of the city. Photo: ines saraiva.

Brighton: The Beach, English-Style

If you're lucky enough to catch some rare English sun, you can make like a real Londoner and head straight for the beach. Brighton is a perfect place to catch some rays, but also makes for a worthwhile trip without the warm weather thanks to its funky charm.

Oxford: Getting Smart

Oxford, the "City of Dreaming Spires," is best known for its world-famous university (and with good cause). But the city has much more to offer than an elite education, thanks to stunning architecture, charming streets and parks and interesting museums.

Arundel: Medieval Bolthole

If you're looking for a bit of small-town charm to offset London's dizzying scope, the quaint country village of Arundel should do the trick. Complete with is own medieval castle, this little town's picturesque shops and streets are worth a day of strolling.

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