London City Guide Introduction

London City Guide Introduction - London, United Kingdom

London balances proper precision with a healthy dose of cheek. The seat of the one-time Empire may creak under the weight of history, delighting visitors and residents with innumerable hints of the past, yet the city also intoxicates with its very contemporary blend of cultures and its packs of kids so fashionable that they just might hurt you.

London Big Ben

London has some of the world's most recognizable sights to offer. Photo: Antonia Hayes.

In London, you can see iconic landmarks, view some of the best theater the world has to offer and hear the world's most progressive DJs. There are also palaces, museums (many of which are free!), cool shops and cozy pubs. The unbelievable diversity in cuisine and culture and the city's sheer entrepreneurial spirit are all irresistible. London's hectic spirit is truly unto itself.

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If you already hear Big Ben chiming but are afraid of shedding too many pounds, never fear. We’ve got everything you need to explore London on the cheap.

Get situated: Bloomsbury, Soho, Belgravia... London’s got many ‘hoods you’ve heard of (and some you haven’t), each with its own distinct style. Our guide to Choosing the Right Neighborhood in London will help you find the best place to stay whether you’re looking to party, soak up the culture or just plain save.

Get a room: Now that you know where to sleep, book a room! We’ve beat feet around town and found the best budget sleeps in London for every type of traveler.

Get a plan: That many of London’s museums and attractions are free is music to our cheapo ears. Check out our London Budget Tips to save a bundle.

From our London blog

Welcome to EuroCheapo, a guide to cheap hotels and budget travel in London and throughout Europe.

Our editors have inspected, photographed and reviewed inexpensive accommodation in London’s central neighborhoods in search of the very best values. Although the city isn’t the easiest for travelers on a budget, London does offer some small and inexpensive hotel options, along with lovely family-run B&Bs and some hostels that could also be a good fit.

Ready to find a hotel for your travel dates? Search in the box above to see what’s available.

Or browse through a list of our recommended hotels. All of these are located in central London, and are clean and affordable.

Keep your travel costs down

Hotels are just the beginning, of course. Click through to see a list of articles covering budget tips, including ways to save on the Tube, sightseeing, and restaurants.

And be sure to check out our London blog, which is regularly updated by Nina and Frances, our London correspondents, with ways to save and cheap and free things to do.

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