Taxis: Getting around London

The London black cab, one of the more recognizable taxi models, is not usually the cheapest way to get around. Starting rates are steep, and they only get steeper, depending on the time of day, the distance traveled and the duration of your journey. In certain situations, though, they can be an affordable option.

London Black Cab

London's famous fleet of black cabs is a little more colorful these days. Photo: Zygia.


If you're in a group of three or more, a taxi may be a good transportation option. London's metered taxis are black cabs, starting at £2.40 (tariff #1), with a surcharge (tariff #2) after 6:00 p.m. and on holidays (tariff #3). Generally, taxis are easy to wave down. A yellow light over the cab's windshield indicates a free cab.

A 10-minute cab ride on a Friday night will cost around £5.60 on the way out and about £6.40 return. Shared between a group, these fares are very affordable.


To book taxi in advance, call +44 (0)20 7272 0272. A surcharge of £2 applies to cabs reserved by telephone. Transport for London also provides a list of additional booking services on their website. (You can even tweet to book a cab!)

Additional information

If you're looking for additional information on taxis, Transport for London has you covered. For more about getting around in London, check out the links below.

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