Expect to Spend: Munich

Expect to Spend: Munich - Munich, Germany

Munich is not a cheap city. Its wealth and busy social calendar mean that the city is often full of tourists.

Hotel Prices

The hotels we recommend here run from €40 to €125 for a double room. Prices spike during Oktoberfest and conventions. It's important to know that Munich has a very busy social calendar, with conventions and meetings planned basically throughout the year.

Restaurant Prices

You can't leave Munich without sampling the city's artery-clogging treats, which include scrumptious schnitzels and potatoes in various incarnations, more often than not served with beer. You can expect to pay a good €20 for a traditional Bavarian meal.

As in many European cities, small cafés in Munich will sell less substantial meals like sandwiches for decent prices. A filling café lunch shouldn't set you back more than €10, and can run as little as €7.

Don't neglect "imbiss" (fast-food) kiosks. Often featuring Turkish food, "imbiss" kiosks provide Cheapo delights somewhere between a snack and a full meal in size. Meat eaters who spend time in Germany will invariably discover and fall in love with the döner kebab. Döner kebabs are a truly hybrid Turkish-German fast food delight. Developed in the early 1970s, they are a clear variation on the traditional Turkish version of the dish. In the hybrid German version, grilled meat and salad is stuffed into a pita and doused with sauce. Expect to spend €2 on an imbiss döner kebab.

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