Munich Car Rentals

Munich Car Rentals - Munich, Germany

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Renting a car in Germany involves few hassles, and is surprisingly not all that expensive. You won't need a local driver's license for even a lengthy stay in Germany. German law is very strict about seatbelts, however: everyone in the car is required to wear one. In terms of driving rules specific to Germany, know that trams, or streetcars, have right-of-way over cars.

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A good rate for a three-day manual shift economy car rental in Munich is €250. To see rental rates for a specific date, click here.

To get the best price, reserve a car before leaving home. Ask for an all-inclusive rate with full insurance and unlimited kilometers. Many of the less expensive rental cars in Europe will have neither air conditioning nor roll-down windows. To get the best deal, shop around, reserve ahead of time and pay in advance.

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