Getting Around Munich

Getting Around Munich - Munich, Germany

If all cities were as easy to navigate as Munich travelers would no longer fear navigating a new city. With 27 U-Bahn (metro) and S-Bahn (commuter train) lines that criss-cross the city and almost 70 bus lines, the city is a public transit dream. And that's a great thing since you'll never want to take a (ridiculously priced) taxi in Munich.

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Public Transportation in Munich

Munich has an impressively extensive public transportation system which spreads across the entire metropolitan region. The U-Bahn (underground) and S-Bahn (urban and commuter) systems blanket the city.

The public transportation ticket pricing scheme can be a bit confusing. Here is what you need to know. Single journeys within one zone cost €2.30. Single journeys involving two zones cost €4.60; single journeys across three zones run €6.90; single journeys involving four zones cost €8.80. Note that prices are reduced by €.10 to €.30 when pruchased by means other than cash. "Kurzstrecke," or short trip fares, run €1.20 for a single journey. "Streifenkarte," or stripe tickets, cost €11.00 for 10 adult ticket stripes.

Day tickets provide the best and simplest way to sort through the confusing maze of public transportation zones. A one-day ticket for the "Innenraum," or the inner white zone, costs €5. A one-day ticket for the inner white and green zones is slightly more expensive, at €6.70. A one-day ticket for the "Außenraum," or the green, yellow, and red zones, runs €5. A one-day ticket through all zones costs €10. A three-day ticket for the inner white zone is priced at €12.30. If traveling with friends, opt for the Adult partner day ticket, which is slightly reduced.

U-Bahn and S-Bahn

Munich's U-Bahn (underground subway) network runs eight lines. The S-Bahn (urban train system) operates a further 10 within Munich, and an additional nine regional train lines integrated into the Munich system. Yep, that's right. Munich boasts a whopping 27 U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines, all networked remarkably well into a seamless transportation system.


There are 10 tramlines in Munich, linking much of the city above ground. Munich's main train station provides a hub for the tram system, which runs through the night.


There are close to 70 bus lines running in Munich, most of them originating and running entirely within the city center.


Taxis in Munich are not cheap. We'll repeat that: taxis in Munich are not cheap. We'd go so far as to urge any self-respecting Cheapo to avoid taxis in Munich at all costs. They're just not worth the expense. Besides, you've got lots of beer, sausages, and tchotchkes to purchase. Save your euros.

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