Munich City Guide Introduction

Munich City Guide Introduction - Munich, Germany

Munich is a city of several impressions, some of them simultaneous. One minute, strolling broad, leafy boulevards lined with imposing, palatial buildings and small public parks overflowing with flowers, you appear to be in the most refined city in the world. Then there's the more cosmopolitan, less traditionally "Bavarian" Munich—streets lined with Turkish grocery stores, travel agencies, and clothes shops.

Munich gives any other German city a run for its money in the cultural diversity department, and also sports a kicking gay scene. And then there's the Oktoberfest Munich, a crass, noisy, feisty version of the city that makes its autumn presence known all year long. The combination is dynamic, a compelling hybrid of class, cultural variety, and schmaltz.

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Who are we? EuroCheapo is a guide to the best affordable hotels in Munich and throughout Europe. Our editors show up unannounced at hotels, inspect the rooms, and recommend only those that are central, clean and cheap.

Munich is a reasonably affordable city when it comes to hotels—granted that you don’t show up in town during Oktoberfest. Even then, we have some suggestions for small, independent hotels and B&Bs that won’t ruin your party.

Getting started: Ready to dive into the Munich hotel hunt? Head straight for our reviews of recommended hotels. For more information about the different parts of town, read through our neighborhood overview. And be sure to read the articles listed below for additional tips on keeping it cheap in Munich.

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Popular hotels in Munich

Dorms from $18

7.3 out of 10
Meininger City Hostel & Hotel Munchen, Munich

Doubles from $61

7.3 out of 10
Pension Locarno, Munich

Doubles from $77

8.2 out of 10
Hotel Blauer Bock, Munich

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