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Dioskouros Hostel, Athens

1Dioskouros Hostel

1 star star

Address 6 Pittakou Str. (Plaka)

Simple and unadorned, Dioskouros's 17 rooms set up shop in a rambling building that feels more like a retrofitted mansion than a purpose-built hotel.

7.3 Guest Rating

(per person)

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Hotel Kimon, Athens

2Hotel Kimon

1 star star

Address Apollonos 27 (Plaka)

Hotel Kimon's comfortable, even stylish rooms are some of the most affordable in heavily touristed Plaka.

7.8 Guest Rating

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Hotel Orion, Athens

3Hotel Orion

1 star star

Address Em.Benaki 105 & Anexartissias Street (Exarchia)

The Orion vibe is very relaxed. If you're a European university kid in Athens for a few nights, this is a great place to crash.

8.4 Guest Rating

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Marble House, Athens

4Marble House

1 star star

Address Anastasiou Zinni 35, Koukaki (Koukaki & Makrygianni)

Located down a little alleyway in the relaxed 'hood of Koukaki, Marble House provides an exceptionally quiet budget bed.

8.0 Guest Rating

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Phaedra Hotel, Athens

5Phaedra Hotel

1 star star

Address 16 Herefondos Str, Plaka (Plaka)

While the Phaedra doesn't have some of the modern amenities that most budget hotels in Athens now proffer, its reasonable rates, superb location, and compassionate staff are its big selling points.

7.9 Guest Rating

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Tempi Hotel, Athens

6Tempi Hotel

1 star star

Address Aiolou 29 (Monastiraki)

Tempi Hotel's affordable rates, bare-bones rooms, and friendly staff combine to make it both a great deal and a welcoming budget guesthouse.

7.9 Guest Rating

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The Student and Travellers Inn, Athens

Address Kydathinaion 16, Plaka (Plaka)

The Student and Travellers Inn's bright rooms are clean and comfortable, decked out in vibrant yellow and blue.

7.8 Guest Rating

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